Backup Roster

If you cannot do your rostered turn for backup, please arrange with someone else
and inform the Roster Manager – Rod (0438 588 623) about any changes!

To prepare for your backup task, check out the Ride information and map which will show start and the morning tea stop. You must ensure the backup mobile is charged and turned on at the start of the ride and until everyone gets home. Purchase and prepare food, fill thermoses and follow Club guidelines.

Bring a bike carrier – If you don’t have one the Club bike carrier mounts on the tow ball and is supplied as part of the morning tea equipment.

Click on this link Backup – Morning Tea Guidelines

Go to the start of the ride 15 minutes before the official start of the ride. April to October 8am starts, November to March 7.30am starts.

Follow the slowest ride group 5 or 6 at a safe distance and according to the road rules so as not to cause a road hazard.

Click on this link Backup Vehicle Instructions

Get to the morning tea stop by about 9am to set up the equipment and cut up some fruit. Any query about the ride route ring the Ride Captain, Les on 0400 752 866.

After the morning tea please ensure all morning tea equipment is clean and arrange to deliver the equipment to the next person on the list.

For reimbursement of morning tea costs as per Morning Tea Guidelines email the Secretary your bank account details. Email [email protected]

Please restock tea, coffee etc before passing the equipment on. In the first instance, restock items can be collected from Maddie’s verandah i.e. U1/8 THOMAS ST. If there are still shortages of cups, tea and coffee contact Mary to arrange restocking. Ph 0417 554 873

Any further queries about the roster ring Rod (0438 588 623)

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