Backup Vehicle Instructions


  1.             Warning sign “Caution Cyclists Ahead” To be attached to the rear of the backup vehicle and must be clearly visible at all time. When carrying bikes on the rear of the backup vehicle the warning sign Caution Cyclists must be attached making the sign clearly visible.
  1.             Backup Vehicle position on the road.

The position of the backup vehicle should be half on shoulder and half on road where safely possible. (Note: driving significantly below the speed limit can be deemed an offence under Australian Road Rule 125.)

  1.             Backup vehicle position behind the riders.
  • Maintain a safe distance behind the riders. This will be determined by the road conditions and       vehicular traffic (minimum distance 100 metres) The safe distance should be sufficient to allow overtaking vehicles to pull in between the riders and the backup vehicle.
  • When approaching corners and hilltops the same should apply.
  • Do not overtake the last rider. If the rider has a toilet or comfort stop or any other rest stop the backup vehicle must remain behind the riders.
  1.             Mechanical problems (bikes)

In the event of a mechanical problem with a bike that cannot be fixed in 10 minutes the bike will be loaded onto the backup vehicle. The Tail End Charlie (rider) to assist with the loading of the bike.

  1.             Rider difficulties.

If the rider appears to be a danger to themselves or others the backup vehicle driver has the right to tell that Rider to utilize the backup vehicle and should advise the Ride Captain as soon as possible. (Ride Captain duties covered in Section 13(c) ).

  1.             Responsibilities of the backup vehicle.

The responsibilities of the backup driver will commence and cease at a location  determined by the Ride Captain. The phone should be left on until 1.00pm of the ride day. The backup driver will follow the last rider into town (after morning tea) on the shortest route as determined by the Ride Captain.

  1.             Use of Car Horn.

Use of car horn is to be restricted to emergency only situations. ie: warn riders of an overwidth vehicle behind.

Extract RIDING SAFETY BYLAWS (July 31st, 2017)