Terms & Conditions


I hereby agree to abide by all Geographe Cycle Club rules and regulations set out in the Constitution and the Riding Safety Bylaws or to any changes the Club sees fit to introduce. I understand the inherent dangers in the Club activities and realise there is a risk of personal injury. 

The Club does not have an insurance policy that protects members from loss or damage to their bike or personal injury. Members ride at their own risk and should obtain their own personal and bike insurance eg, Bicycling WA. 

All information provided on this form will only be used for the Geographe Cycle Club purposes and will not be given to any other person outside of this Club. Your name and address, as provided above, must be recorded in the Register of Members and be made available to other members, upon request, under section 54 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. 

*Persons under 50 are welcome to join the club but do not have voting rights.