Membership Information


There are two Club memberships available, a riding member $65 or a non-riding $20 member. The annual fee for these memberships is subject to change each year. There is no pro-rata membership fee. 

All members/visitors who participate in Club activities acknowledge the inherent dangers of bike riding and realize there is a risk of personal injury.  The Club does not have an insurance policy that protects participants from loss or damage to their bike or to their person. Therefore participants ride at their own risk and are encouraged to obtain personal accident insurance and 3rd party liability cover.

A person who applies to join the Club and pay the membership fee agrees to abide by all Geographe Cycle Club rules and regulations set out in the Constitution and the Riding Safety Bylaws or to any changes the Club sees fit to introduce. All Club documents are available on this website for information.

Membership of the Geographe Cycle Club is effective from when the Committee approves an application to join and receipt of the subscription.  Any applications not approved by the Club will receive a full refund of their subscription.


The membership year is from the 1st September to the 31st August. At the annual general meeting held in October each year the membership subscriptions will be approved for that year. The Club will then advise all members to pay their annual subscriptions within one month.


New members of the Club are given an option to join PBF Australia when they join the Club. At present this cost is $15 per annum. Before you decide to purchase this product you must read the Club information on this website about Insurance and the PBF Australia product disclosure statement.


All subscriptions and PBF Insurance can be paid by Bank Transfer after you have placed your membership order using the website payment facility.

Select your Membership option Riding or Non-Riding with or without insurance and Place your Order which will take you to the “Check Out” screen. Then Select Bank Transfer Option and complete your order. an email will be sent to your email address confirming your application to join the club. This email will provide payment details to make a bank Transfer of funds.


The Secretary of the Club can be contacted by email below to answer any questions:

[email protected]

The Geographe Cycle Club Inc
PO Box 548
Busselton, Western Australia 6280