Update Calendar Events


  1. Turn on computer and locate the geographecycleclub.org.au on the website. Open
  2. Locate the icon on the immediate left of the Geographe Cycle Club with the mouse
  3. Click on Dashboard which is located first above Themes,Menus and Widgets.
  4. On the left hand side of the screen will be a list of options. Click on the ME
  5. If you need to edit an existing event click on ALL EVENTS.
    · Scroll down to locate the desired event that needs editing.
    ·Chóose the event by clicking on the edit function for that event.
    ·Once all changes have been made click on the UPDATE button which is located on
    the top right of screen.
    Click the back arrow to go back to Dashboard.
  6. if you need to add a new event click on ADD EVENT.
    · Starting at the top fill in the name of the ride
    ·Complete the Start and End dates/times
    · To copy a desired map into Event Data please locate the correct map in Media
    Library and click on copy url.
    Paste the map url in the box in Event Data
    ·Location/Venue has a drop down menu which contains Carpark: at Lou Weston
    Oval etc… click on the appropriate location.
    · Complete Organizer by selecting Les Johnston
  7. Move over to the right hand side of the screen and make sure the Event has been
    selected and not Block.
  8. Complete Categories ( select Ride or Social
  9. Insert the name of the back up person in the box.
    If the name does not appear after a few seconds it is missing in the list of people in the
    Back Up listing. To add a new back up person hit the back button and locate Backups in the
    menu list.
    Click on Backups and click on the Name box under Add New Backup. Type in the name
    and hit the APPLY button.
    Go back to the ADD NEW EVENT and type in the new Backup name which should now
    appear after a few seconds.
  10. Scroll down to Event Ride Type and select either Supported or Unsupported ride.
  11. Before clicking on Publish make sure that the Status and Visibilty is on Public and
  12. Click on Publish.
  13. Always check the ride information by clicking on Visit Site which is located under
    the Geographe Cycle Club on the top left of the screen.
  14. Ensure that the map links work and that the dates and names are correct.